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: 관리자 : Mon, 28 August 2023, 3:49 PM

Information about the 19th Gangwon Medical Equipment Show(GMES 2023) / How to pre-registration of visitors
The 19th Gangwon Medical Equipment Show (GMES 2023) will be held at the Medical Device Support Center from the 21st to the 22nd.
Please pay a lot of attention to medical device industry officials and local residents.

○ Exhibition name: 19th Gangwon Medical Equipment Show (GMES 2023)
○Schedule: September 21 (Thu) to 22nd (Fri), 2023
○ Exhibition place: Permanent exhibition hall of Wonju Medical Device Support Center, Gangwon State
○ Major Events
- - Medical Device Exhibition
- - Export consultation meeting invited by overseas buyers
- - Domestic buyer invitation purchase consultation meeting
- - Seminar on digital healthcare
- - Customized consulting in connection with public institutions
- - Electromagnetic training
- - Digital healthcare experience zone, etc
○ Hosted by: Gangwon State, Wonju City
○ Owner: Wonju Medical Device Techno Valley, KOTRA (Gangwon Support Group)
○ Support: Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service, National Health Insurance Service, National Institute of Medical Device Safety Information, National Evidence-based Healthcare Collaborating Agency, Korea Medical Devices Association, Medical Device Industry Promotion Foundation, Korea Medical Engineering Association, Korea Medical Devices Industry Association, Korea Medical Device Distribution Association

○ Pre-registration
- - Individual: Register by scanning the QR code or accessing the homepage address (https://gmes2023.govent.kr/)

- - Group (more than 20 people): Complete the group participation application form of the attachment file and send it to the exhibition history mail (leo.han@pico.com ) Gmes 2023 Foster(Eng).png

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